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Michael’s Spremulli’s approach to astrology is unique as it is practical. He blends his professional training as a therapist and his skills as a workplace personality expert with cutting-edge astrology interpretation techniques that are evidenced-based and have been scientifically validated.

The combination of these finely honed skills helps you understand your past, clarify your present, and maximize your future in a way you have never experienced before.

Michael’s astrological consultations are highly pragmatic, and he has a talent for translating complex astrology concepts into simple, easy-to-understand language. He uses humorous analogies during consultations to help you remember what everything means, and his approach to interpreting an astrological chart is similar to the approach he uses when interpreting personality assessments for his corporate clients. No nonsense, yet entertaining and enlightening.

If it sounds like Michael’s approach to astrology resonates with you, consider booking a private, confidential astrology consultation today.

Michael resides in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina with his wife, four cats, and the occasional visiting black bear.


Blue Ridge Astrology is located in
Asheville, North Carolina and provides services globally.

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